Transpersonal Art Therapy at Apple Tree Wholeness is a journey of leaving the busy world behind and crossing the waters into a world of connection. Gradually sounds can be heard, the wind felt, the animals and insects catch your eye as you begin to relax and engage with the world through your senses. 

In this more meditative space, we will explore what is happening for you at this time. As Transpersonal Art Therapy is a holistic therapy, we will focus on the whole of you, your mind, body, spirit and soul. 

Through the process of client centred counselling we will begin to explore the issue and gain new information and insight. From this exploration a focus for the creative art process is formed. Many different tools may be used in the sessions to access your imagination like meditation, image card divination, art processes, journaling, poetry and story writing. There is a selection of art mediums to choose from e.g. pastels, paints, collage material and the focus is on a spontaneous expression, there is no concern on aesthetics.

As you spontaneously express yourself in the art process the doorway is opened from your mind with its thoughts and chatter, into your imagination, the place of mystery and the unknown. 

After the creative process we explore together the unique sacred image that has emerged from deep within you. The image is sacred, it has travelled a long way to be seen and is providing you with a visual image that acts as a bridge from your unconscious (unknown world) into your conscious (known) world. The image will reveal something new to you, maybe a new perspective, a new feeling, a desire or need you have or an unknown resource to guide and support you on your journey.

You will travel back across the water carrying the gift of something new and re-enter the everyday world with a greater connection to yourself and nature.

For this art therapy journey away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world please allow approximately 2 hours. 

It may be that one session is enough, however it is more common that several sessions may be required. 

As your journey unfolds you will begin to gather up more wisdom, insight, information and resources from the unconscious underworld to support and guide you in your everyday life. It is an empowering therapy, where you begin to gather tools to support yourself in your own healing journey. It is a therapy that provides maps to navigate the journey of life with a holistic focus on the whole of you, a therapy for the body, mind, spirt and soul. It is a therapy that uses creativity to access the imagination for the purpose of transformation, growth, healing and wholeness.

Transpersonal Art Therapy will enable you to:

  • Vision new ways of being
  • Connection to new aspects of yourself.
  • Connect with your inner strength
  • Express and heal from past wounds
  • Gain greater acceptance and compassion for yourself
  • Gain new meaning and understanding 
  • Write a new story
  • Claim the wisdom and gifts from your journey
  • Gather new resources and tools to use in everyday life
  • Deepen your connection to yourself, thoughts, bodily sensations, emotions, soul and spirit
  • Express everything in a safe, supportive and accepting environment.
  • Get to know aspects of yourself previously hidden, denied or unknown.
  • Feel a greater connection to yourself, others, community and nature.

See FAQ on Transpersonal Art Therapy