The course was a perfect occasion for acknowledgement, care, love, trust & joy. Everything really flowed together, place, teacher, structure and work. I feel from the course I am more in tune with my internal signs and intuition. I feel connected to myself and understand the importance of not loosing this.

Cris, Shamanic Journeying

This was my favourite part of each week. An enriching experience with other beautiful women. This course was a treat for my senses on every level.

Lea, Shamanic Journeying

I just wanted to share wth you how absolutely wonderful Rowena’s courses are! I have done two now and they are wonderful. She comes from a place of great integrity and intuition, allowing for the participants growth to unfold deeply. The Shamanic journeying course I sadly finished this week, enhanced our connection to the natural wonders of the universe and also gave us tools that we can use to help guide us along our journey in this life. Although sad to have finished, I also feel excited to put into practice my newfound skills!

Margaret, Shamanic Journeying

My daughter recently attended the ‘Puberty for girls’ workshop run by Rowena at her home on Scotland Island. She came home excited to share her day with us and said she enjoyed being in nature, drawing, clay modelling, making a beautiful natural body oil and connecting with Rowena and the other girls. 
Since the course I have noticed how much easier it is for her to express what she is feeling inside. She is also expressing her feelings through poetry. When she was younger she used to write poems but hasn’t for years until this workshop. It has been a wonderful gift for her and I highly recommend Rowena as a workshop leader. She is very intuitive, present, knowledgeable and compassionate. 

Lorianne, mother of a 10yr old daughter, Puberty Workshop for girls

My daughter had such a wonderful time at Rowena’s course, ‘Connecting your daughter to the changing seasons within’. She loved the outdoors part of being in nature, making fires and climbing trees, but most of all it gave her the tools to recognise the changes in herself and to how to deal with those changes. I have noticed since the course that she is able to have more mature conversations with us as parents and uses journaling to process her emotions. It was also fabulous for her to have an adult other that her parents to connect with at this time of change in her life. Rowena holds such a beautiful space that the girls feel free, inspired and confident. It has been such a gift for my daughter.

Mother of Tillie aged 11, Connecting your daughter to the changing seasons within course.

Rowena is an amazing facilitator, she holds the group with gentleness, is supportive and non-judgemental. She communicates clearly and listens with great compassion.

Solange, Many faces of the whole mother course.

I learnt more about the different sides of myself and acceptance of these parts, I began to be able to witness my actions and emotions rather than just reacting, I can make better decisions. It has helped me to understand my reactions and relationship with my children.

Cris, Many faces of the whole mother course.