Transpersonal art therapist, counsellor, teacher, group facilitator and traditional healer.

A few years ago, I was drawn to a shamanic course on journeying, every time I saw the course advertised, I was pulled towards it, from a place deep inside. After many months of seeing the course advertised, I took the plunge and secured the last place available. I found Shamanic journeying very powerful, I was transported into new worlds and gained a deeper connection with my inner world.  Once I had experienced the power of altered states of consciousness, I wanted to explore further this new world that had been opened up to me.

I completed Vicki Dean’s 2-year Diploma in Traditional Healing and Mask Work, a course based on shamanic earth-based traditions.  Complementing this work, I studied courses based on transpersonal psychology and completed an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy and a Diploma in Expressive Arts and Groupwork at the College of Complementary Medicine. I participated in a ten-day Vision Quest run by Bill Plotkins from Animas Valley.

I continue on my journey of transformation, wholeness and imagination as I understand that the more grounded, connected and balanced I am the clearer and more powerful the sessions are for my clients. My journey so far has been challenging, confronting, healing, empowering and rewarding. My embodied healing journey enables me to walk alongside you in your healing journey with empathy, respect, compassion, wisdom and open-heartedness. 

My background

I trained as a teacher and taught in schools just outside London for many years. I then worked with young people and their families where children were refusing to attend school.  

I immigrated to Australia and completed a post-graduate counselling course at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. I gained experience as a counsellor with Life-Line, working as a child protection caseworker and as a Domestic Violence Counsellor. I have recently worked in mental health, facilitating Transpersonal Art Therapy groups in a psychiatric hospital.