Next Workshop

Date – Sunday 23rd May

Time – 9:30am – 5:30pm

Location – Scotland Island

Investment – $130

Maximum – 10

Shamanism is a spiritual practice found in cultures around the world from ancient Palaeolithic times up to the present day. Like a shaman we can change our state of consciousness giving us access to many other worlds for the purpose of accessing new information, discovering new resources, healing old wounds and gaining wisdom.

In the course you will experience going into a deep meditative state by listening to the shamanic drum. The beat of the drum has powerful transformative qualities and will transport you into other worlds.

Each week you will experience journeying to a different world as you travel around each direction of the medicine wheel. The medicine wheel provides a compass and map to guide us though the challenges and potentials of our life journey.You will travel around, connect to and embody the four archetypal pathways of the medicine wheel.  You will journey to the East on the eagle, the North on the Kangaroo, the West in the belly of the snake and the depths of the ocean on the Whale.

You will experience connecting with the archetypal pathways of the visionary connecting you to your visions, the warrior connecting you to your inner strength and Integrity, the healer connecting you to your compassion and the sage connecting you to your unique gifts and wisdom.

You will learn how to journey safely by gaining knowledge and tools on how to enter and safely return from altered states of consciousness. 

After each shamanic journey you will express your experience creatively, enabling the new information and resources to be seen, known and gradually become integrated into your everyday world. At the end of each session you have the opportunity to share as little or as much of your experience with others in sacred circle. A sense of community and deep connection begins to build amongst everyone in the course.  At the end of the last session we take extra time and enjoy a relaxing lunch together.