• Listen to the Shamanic Drum and be transported into your imagination
  • Journey around the Sacred Medicine Wheel
  • Connect to your visions, meet your challenges, find your inner healer and claim your wisdom
  • Learn to safely journey in and out of altered states of consciousness
  • Express and integrate your journeys through journaling, art and creative expression

Shamanism is a spiritual practice found in cultures around the world from ancient Palaeolithic times up to the present day. 

In the workshop you will experience altering your state of consciousness by listening to the rhythm of the shamanic drum. You will journey around the four directions of the medicine wheel. Each direction connects you to an archetypal path, you will journey:

  • to the East connecting you to your visions
  • to the North connecting you to your inner warrior
  • to the West connecting you to the healer within
  • to the South connecting you to your wisdom

After each shamanic journey you will express your experience creatively, enabling the bridging of new information and resources from the unknown into the known. This will enable you to take the new information and resources and use them/integrate them into your everyday life. The shamanic wheel represents wholeness and you can use the wheel as a map to support you on your life’s many journeys.

The workshop will teach you the knowledge and skills needed to enter and return from altered states of consciousness. 

Next Workshop

Date – Sunday 8th August 2021

Time – 9:30am – 5:45pm

Location – Scotland Island

Investment – $130

Maximum – 10