Learn the tools to become your own Shaman

Shamanic counselling focuses on two main tools, Shamanic Journeying and the Map of Wholeness (the Shamanic Medicine Wheel).

By learning the technique of shamanic journeying, you can go on your own journeys to find the guidance needed to answer your important life questions. In the sessions we will explore how to journey safely into and out of other worlds, how to form an intent for the journey and how to bridge the information from the other worlds into this world, so you can integrate the new information, resources, wisdom received and access it in your daily life. You will be transported to the other worlds by listening to the live playing of the shamanic drum and have an opportunity to creatively express the information received before exploring with me the new information, insights and resources that have emerged.

A minimum of three session sessions is required to learn the shamanic journeying techniques. A recording of the journey will be given to you so you can continue to practice the technique at home.

The Shamanic Medicine Wheel is a map of wholeness. The map is based on the cardinal directions, East, North, West, and South as well as being multi-dimensional. You learn the archetypes available in each direction, their qualities, energy, and the resources available so you know where you are on the wheel, where you are heading and what you need to call in to support you.

The Medicine Wheel used is Vicki Dean’s, she uses the term ‘Circalore’ for the wheel she has adapted to be in harmony with the land of the Australian East Coast. 

There are many ways you can experience journeying around the wheel so you can begin with one two-hour session which you can then be built upon in further sessions if you feel the call. 

Available via zoom and face to face