Puberty is a significant rite of passage and marks the beginning phase of the journey from a child into an adolescent. It is a time of great transformation, leaving behind the known of childhood and beginning a new journey into the unknown. 

This is a beneficial workshop for girls in puberty whose bodies have begun to physically transform. 

In the workshop your daughter will begin to honour the physical changes of her body that have already occurred through her lifetime and will continue to occur in puberty. 

The honouring is done gently and practically by spending time in nature and through participating in creative processes. Nature is constantly changing, and it can support your daughter to normalise the changes that are occurring to her body, as our bodies are also a part of nature. The creative processes will allow your daughters thoughts, feelings, emotions, spirituality and soul to be fully expressed. The workshop will provide an opportunity for your daughter to:

  • Come together with other girls and give meaning to the changes occurring to them in puberty.
  • Honour these changes as normal and sacred.
  • Spend time on exploring her inner world and develop new creative tools of expression.
  • Gain a greater connection to herself. 
  • Gain a greater connection to nature.

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Date – Sunday 14th August 2022

Time – 9:30am to 4:30pm

Location – Scotland Island

Investment – $125 pp

Maximum – 6 Girls

Content – Poetry, Story Telling, Talking to Nature, Collaging, Making Body Oil & Heart Circle

Includes – transport to and from Scotland Island from Church Point, snacks for morning and afternoon tea and art materials