A shamanic healing at Apple Tree Wholeness is a spiritual retreat experience connecting you more deeply with yourself, nature, spirit and soul. For this experience away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world please allow approximately 3 hours.

The journey starts with leaving the busy world behind and crossing the waters into a world of nature. Gradually the sounds can be heard, the wind felt, the animals and insects catch your eye as you begin to connect with the world through your senses.

After a short relaxation we explore your intention for the healing. In the healing session, you will lie down and relax into a deep meditative space by listening to the shamanic drum.  Once you are deeply relaxed the hands-on healing begins and will continue until balance, harmony and power have been restored with in. The healing session may include a chakra balance, soul retrieval, a journey into your internal landscape or extraction of an intrusion. Divination is used to decide which process is the best for you at this time in this place.

After the hands-on healing, time is spent integrating the new information and new resources received in the healing. The integration may involve talking, writing, art, movement, poetry, all creative processes that connect us to our soul. 

There is time to relax with a drink and a wholesome snack before heading back across the waters, to meet the world again in a new way.

There is also an opportunity for a follow-up telephone call for any queries or questions that arise after the healing.

What is Shamanic healing?

A Shamanic healing is a holistic healing which focuses on your body, mind, spirit and soul. It is concerned with your inner world, the energy field of your chakra’s and the connection you have to yourself, spirit, soul, community and nature.  

From a shamanic viewpoint all dis-ease whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual is caused by a loss of connection to the soul or spirit. Soul and spirit are the animating force, the life force, when we are connected to them, we are in harmony and we are balanced and powerful. A loss of connection to spirit and soul results in a loss of power, and it is the loss of power which causes dis-ease. The intention of Shamanic healing is to find the root cause of the dis-ease and to restore power, harmony and balance with in. 

How does a Shamanic Healer restore power, harmony and balance?

A shamanic healer has access to many other worlds or realms like the upper world of the sky realm, the lower world of the earth realm, and the everyday world of the middle realm. By changing their state of consciousness, the shamanic healer navigates these worlds with a focus on your intention, they access new information and discover new resources for you. The shamanic viewpoint is that humans are a part of nature and everything in nature is connected in time and space.  Therefore, the Shamanic healer can connect with and travel in your inner world for the purpose of healing.

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