Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic healing is a holistic healing, it focuses on your body, mind, spirit and soul. Healing from the shamanic perspective is concerned with your:

  • Life-long journey to wholeness,
  • Connection with self, community and all things living and non-living,
  • Connection to your power
  • Emotions and embracing what is most feared
  • Heart and its opening and softening
  • Creativity and expressing all aspects of yourself in your fullness
  • Trust in life.
Sage Cleansing

The lifelong journey to wholeness can be challenging and at times it is just so beautiful to just receive. Your journey begins by leaving the busy world behind and crossing the waters into a world of nature. Gradually all your senses become alive as you receive the sounds, smells, sensations, and sights of the world around you.

After exploring your intention for the session, the hand on healing begins. The healing may include a chakra balance, a journey into your internal landscape or extraction of an intrusion.  Using your intention, the Shamanic Healing will find the root cause of the dis-ease and restore power, harmony, and balance with in. 

Hand on Healing

A creative process will be divined to support the integration of the healing, so you feel connected to your body, mind, spirit, and soul. From a shamanic viewpoint all dis-ease is caused by a loss of connection to our soul or spirit. Soul and spirit are the life force, when we are connected to them, we are in harmony, and we are balanced and powerful. A loss of connection to spirit and soul results in a loss of power, and it is the loss of power which causes dis-ease. 

After the Healing session there is time to relax with a drink and a wholesome snack before heading back across the waters, to meet the world again in a new way.

This shamanic healing is available face to face only and you should allow approximately 3 hours.

See FAQ for Shamanic Healing