The Certificate of Shamanism and Transformational Mask is a seven-month journey over five three-day weekends. In between the weekends there is a tutorial day to support you in integrating the work.  The course takes place in Yarramalong Valley on private land, approximately one and a half hours from Sydney. The course has now been running for eleven years and was held in Wiseman’s Ferry before the move to Yarramalong Valley. 

Shamanism is a spiritual practice found in cultures around the world from ancient Palaeolithic times up to the present day. In the certificate course you will experience:

The Medicine/Circalore Wheel

You will travel around, connect to and embody the four archetypal pathways of the circalore wheel.  

The East is the pathway of the Visionary and connects you to your visions.

The North is the pathway of the Warrior connecting you to your inner strength and Integrity as you meet new challenges.

The West is the pathway of the Healer connecting you to your compassion as you shed what is no longer serving you.

The South is the pathway of the Sage connecting you to your unique gifts and wisdom to share and benefit yourself, family, community and all living things.

Shamanic Journeying 

You will learn to safely enter altered states of consciousness to access new information and resources, heal wounds and gain wisdom.

Sacred Art 

You will use expressive and creative tools to integrate your shamanic journeys so the new information and resources can be experienced and make a difference in this world., at this unique time


You will learn to use divination to reveal what has been lying hidden, for the purpose of insight and to aid your decision making. 


You will participate in rituals for the purpose of healing, celebration or  transformation for yourself and others.

Dream Wisdom

You will explore your dream images as guides from the unconscious world.

Chakra Healing 

You will Journey into your chakra’s for balance and healing and to gain a unique connection and relationship to them. 

Trance Dance

You will dance blind folded as your breath takes you into altered states of consciousness. You will dance with an intention and the movement becomes your medicine for new information, insight and healing.  

Transformational Mask Work 

You will experience using the mask to alter your state of consciousness, allowing the unseen to be seen.

Deep Connection and Listening to Nature

The land in Yarramalong valley is natural bush, with ancient trees, rock formations, valleys, troughs and is home to many creatures. You will experience connecting to this land, listening to it, holding conversations with it and gaining insight and wisdom through the practise of deep listening called Dadirri.

Next Course

Date – TBA

Location – Yarramalong Valley

Investment – TBA

Maximum – 8 People