Nature Based Course

In life we go through stages of chronological growth, from our birth, through childhood and into adolescents, adulthood, eldership and death. These experiences are rites of passage and they mark transitions from one life stage to another. 

The Rites of passage from a child to an adolescent is very important as it is a period of significant transformation, a time of biological, cognitive, motivational, emotional and social changes. These changes are a gradual unfolding that can begin from 8 years of age and end as late as 21 years old.

A question for many parents is, how can this transformation from childhood into adolescent be successfully navigated? What does successful navigation of adolescents look like?

A successful navigation of this significant rite of passage is evident in an adolescent who:

  • Knows and appreciates their own developing style, interests, attitudes and sensitivities
  • Appreciates their weaknesses, talents and gifts
  • Is able to experience their own emotions and knows how to express them to others in ways that serve themselves and others.
  • Has good self-esteem whilst understanding the self is always a work in progress
  • Has acquired basic skills of initiating and maintaining intimate relationships with family and friends
  • Has become comfortable with their gender and the opportunities, joys and responsibilities of sexuality.

The workshops cover specific areas that may be relevant at different stages of your child’s transformation. Often biological changes occur first and are the first indication of puberty, later on in the transformation the joys and responsibilities of sexuality becomes an appropriate area of exploration. Please see each individual course listed below for a specific list of the skills and tools that will be explored.

All the workshops provide an opportunity for your child to:

  • Come together with other adolescents and to share experiences and give meaning to the changes occurring
  • make a connection or re-connection to their internal resources.
  • Spend time on exploring their inner world and expressing it creatively.
  • Gain a greater connection to themselves. 
  • Gain a greater connection to nature.
  • Get to know something new about themselves.
  • Meet new challenges.
  • Learn tools to support them. 
  • Experience and embody authentic open-hearted communication.

Next Course

Date – TBA

Time – 9:30am to 4:30pm

Location – Elvina Track, Ku-Ring Gai Chase NP

Investment – $150 per girl accompanied by either Mother, Grandmother or Auntie

Maximum – 6 Girls

Content – Poetry, Story Telling, Talking to Nature, Collaging, Making Body Oil & Heart Circle

Includes – transport to and from Scotland Island from Church Point, snacks for morning and afternoon tea and art materials