‘Spiritual Emergence/Emergency are ‘opportunities for growth, healing and expansion.’

Richard Price

I developed a passion for working with Spiritual Emergence/Emergency after experiencing my own Spiritual Emergency in 2014. I have personal experience of these Grof & Grof categories of Spiritual Emergnce/Emergency:

  • Dark night of the soul
  • Encountering the divine/peak experiences
  • Awakening of the kundalini
  • Shamanic Crisis
  • Psychic opening
  • Feelings of being at the centre of events that have global relevance
  • Possession states  

I integrated my experience through Transpersonal and Shamanic work, which provided a viewpoint of hope. I gained tools, maps and perspectives that enabled me to grow, heal and expand. The journey has been both challenging, healing and rewarding.  

The greatest gift is that I now walk alongside others with a deep knowing that their experience will indeed be a great opportunity for growth, healing, and expansion. The right support is crucial, when working with me you can expect a safe and trusting environment and an honest, respectful, and authentic relationship. We walk together on this journey, where I hold the space for you to grow, heal, expand, and fill the cracks the gold.

‘When the Japanese mend broken pots, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold, creating something unexpected and beautiful. The cracks allow something to change and make the whole more interesting and richer.’

Japanese proverb

A thorough assessment occurs to explore biological issues, psycho-social issues, and the effects of your spiritual experience on you. Further referrals may be recommended to rule out biological reasons for the experiences.

In a session we may explore:

  • Tools for grounding so the process slows down
  • Frameworks to understand and normalise your experience
  • Maps and tools to navigate your integration journey 
  • Making meaning of your experience.
  • Additional supports and referrals.

I work to support people who:

– Are currently experiencing a Spiritual Emergence/Emergency.

– Are currently in a psychiatric hospital and need counselling/art therapy.

– Have experienced a Spiritual Emergence/Emergency and need to integrate the experience.

– Have been or are affected by someone having a Spiritual Emergence/Emergency.

Other useful resources:

www.spiritualemergence.org.au Has information on spiritual emergencies and further resources as well as support. You information on spiritual emergencies and further resources.  You can send an email and they will get back to you.

S & C Grof (1989) Spiritual Emergency When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis.

C Grof (1992) The Stormy Search for Self: A Guide to Personal Growth through              

                                                                           Transformational Crisis