What Dis-ease can shamanic healing work with?

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Addictions
  • Fear
  • Pain
  • Life purpose
  • Stuck-ness                             

What types of shamanic healing do you offer?

Chakra Balance

A chakra balance revitalises, balances or clears the chakras, enabling the energy to flow freely without blockage from the depth of the earth, through the chakras and up to the heavens. The Amazon Shamans believe that when you clear and heal all the chakras you obtain a rainbow body, where each centre vibrates at its natural frequency and you radiate the seven colours of the rainbow.

Extraction Ritual

An extraction ritual involves extracting blocked energy from the chakras. 

Journeying into mythological landscape of the soul

A journey into your inner mythological landscape is used to gain information on what underlying story created the blockage in the chakra and to seek information to enable you to shapeshift your story and live an empowering healing myth. 

Journeying into the stream of life

The shamanic healer journeys into the stream of your life to gain information on often deep, hidden, difficult emotions and experiences.

Soul Retrieval

We will encounter many traumatic events in our life-time, sometimes these events can be too traumatic for us to manage at the time they occur, so part of our soul splits off from us and hides somewhere it feels safe. This lost part holds with in it the memories, emotions, sensations of the event alongside some of our energy, power or life force. A soul retrieval brings home the part of the soul that was split off. Some integration work often takes place to connect to this lost part and welcome home the new aspects of oneself.