Talk and Walk or Sit in nature

Nature is an extremely powerful place to transform, heal, imagine and gain wisdom. Eco-psychologists highlight the necessity of deep contact with the Earth for emotional and mental health, counselling in nature enables deeper connections with nature and its healing potential.

Nature provides us with a wise and gentle teacher, it can provide a mirror to our own life-journey and a partner for communicating with. Nature knows how to transform, it knows the just the right conditions for a seed to sprout, to emerge through the darkness of the earth and into the light, when to blossom, shed its leaves and bark and bare its fruits. Nature knows the cycle of wholeness, it is a place able to hold everything with such power, beauty, awe, wonder and freedom.

Nature based counselling is client centred which allows you to express the whole of yourself and be listened to empathically with-out being interrupted or judged. The counsellors and client’s relationship is a therapeutic one based on support, trust and openness. 

The counselling explores: 

  • the issue/problem troubling you
  • the impact and significance of the issue
  • the emotions that arise 
  • the bodily sensations present
  • the thought processes occurring
  • the different sides of the issue
  • the behaviours occurring as a result of the issue
  • the inner and outer resources available to you

This allows for

  • greater awareness around the issue
  • shifts emotionally, cogitatively and behaviourally 
  • new insights, understanding and beliefs to emerge 
  • new resources to be accessed and embodied
  • new ways of moving forward 
  • healing to occur.