The apple tree stands with its deep roots meandering down into earth, held, supported and nourished, it’s trunk strong, leading up to the thinner branches that spread out and up to the sky, the sun and the moon. It is a perfect balance of heaven and earth, the masculine and feminine energy.

The apple tree is connected deeply to the changing of the seasons, in spring the tree begins new life as buds appear, in summer the buds transform and blossom into flowers, in autumn the leaves and blossom begin to fall off from the tree back into the earth from which it came and in the winter the fruits of this cycle, the apple can be enjoyed. 

The apple tree represents the healing journey, there is a season when it is time to bud something new into life and allow it to blossom. In this part of the journey we can face a few or many challenges, where we often need to connect to the qualities of the inner warrior, our inner strength, strong yet flexible and fluid to enable us to move forward and around these challenges. Often the challenges we face bring up memories, emotions, thoughts and stories that need to be shed and transformed, it is the time we need to ‘let go of’ something which no longer serves us, it’s a period of healing.   We then gather the fruits of the cycle maybe some new wisdom, new insights, additional resources and tools and a greater compassion for ourselves and therefore others.  This cycle of visioning a new way of being, connecting to the inner warrior, healing wounds and gaining wisdom and insight is ongoing, and I am humbled at the idea of walking alongside you and others in this challenging and rewarding journey of inner growth and wholeness.

 ‘A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible’

A welsh proverb.